Frequently Asked Questions

Our opening hours are as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8am – 6 pm
Thursday: 8am – 9pm
Saturday: 8am – 1pm
Sunday: CLOSED

You can book appointments online using the Health Engine plugin, or call us directly during opening
hours or you can schedule appointments in person if you prefer.

We generally accept walk ins, but kindly note that the doctors and other consultants are usually very
busy so a walk in may not get an appointment unless its an emergency. To ensure that you get your
allocated and preferred time, you should book prior.

We are a mixed billing practice. Medicare card holders have their Medicare charges covered by the
MBS, though they still have to pay a gap fee. All overseas visitors or private healthcare patients must
pay full fees, which may include GST. You also may be able to claim these fees from your insurance

A Non-Attendance fee of $35 will be charged for failure to attend more than 2 appointments
without notification. To avoid this, cancellation of your appointment within 24 hours will be

Your Personal Health Information:
Your doctor needs your health information to provide quality care. This practice ensures your
privacy when discussing your health with your doctor.

Your medical records are accurate, up-to-date, well-organized, and legible. They include a
summary of your care and can be used to remind you of follow-ups. Your doctor will only collect
information that is relevant to your medical care. If you're unsure why certain information is
being requested, feel free to ask your doctor.

Your personal health information is shared with other doctors only with your consent, except in
exceptional circumstances. Other doctors may need access to provide the best care. If you have
concerns, discuss them with your doctor.

Your information is not shared with third parties unless you give consent, there's a critical need
to prevent harm, it's legally required, for Medicare payments or insurance rebates, for internal
practice reviews, or if there's an overriding public interest.

Information may be used for research, but steps are taken to de-identify it. Identifiable records
may be used with ethics committee approval and public interest. Research results won't identify

Electronic and paper records are kept private to protect against unauthorized access.

You have the right to access your medical record. A summary can be provided, and you can
discuss any aspect of your healthcare with your doctor. Confidential information provided by
others will be removed.

Discuss any concerns or inaccuracies in your records with your doctor. Privacy legislation
information is available from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Our full privacy policy can be found here.

The consultants can be contacted, however due to time constraints, they may not always be able
to take non-urgent phone calls and may not always return phone calls immediately. It is
preferred that patients make an appointment to discuss any concerns with a doctor in person. In some cases, if need be, the receptionist will take a message and the doctor will return your call at a suitable time. Urgent phone calls will be put through to the doctor or nurse/relevant
medical staff on duty.

For emergencies, dial 000.If you require urgent after-hours care, please phone the practice on (08)
7122 5999. After hours care through the practice is provided to existing patients only.