Mental Health

At Erindale Medical and Health, we strongly believe in the importance of comprehensive and inclusive medical practices that prioritize mental health. We understand that mental well-being should not be neglected or overlooked.

Many of the doctors have received specialized training in mental health contexts, enabling them to offer active support for mental health concerns. The general practitioners are equipped to assess mental health conditions and create mental health care plans that qualify for Medicare coverage.

In addition, we have a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist who operate from the facility. They work closely with the GPs to provide additional mental health support. This collaborative relationship allows for efficient communication and coordination between the psychologists and the GPs, ensuring that patients receive dedicated and well-rounded care.

If you are seeking mental health support and would like to speak to one of the doctors, we kindly request that you schedule an extended appointment. This will allow ample time for a thorough discussion and evaluation of your needs.

Mental Health
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