Chronic Disease Management

> Patients who have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs can be managed by their GP under a GP Management Plan. 

> Chronic Diseases are long-lasting conditions that can be controlled but not cured. Patients suffering with chronic disease illnesses are managed closely at the practice to achieve the best health outcomes.

> GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements can be written for chronic disease patients. These documents are created to target a patient’s specific needs relating to current physical health, mental health, and support services. A number of professionals are involved in the writing and actioning of these plans, such as doctors, nurses, specialists, and allied health providers (eg physiotherapists, podiatrists, pharmacists, chiropractors, etc). 

> Patients who have a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement can also access five visits in a 12 month period to an allied health provider. This additional professional support assists with prevention and early recognition of potential complications which are then treated and managed accordingly.

Please speak to any of our experienced staff if you feel that you have a chronic disease and would benefit from any of these services. 


Chronic Disease Management
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